His adventures were recounted in verse. He was the dashing Hungarian count who was a Polish freedom fighter. The Tsar exiled him to Kamchatkafrom where he boldly escaped. And, perhaps most famously, Benyovszky’s adventures took him to Madagascar, where he was elected “king” by the tribal chiefs, drafted some form of constitution, and set up a “government”. French archives paint a striking picture of Benyovszky: his talent, daring, military courage and the great influence he had on others.

Braggart, dreamer, swindler, opportunistic adventurer–who was the real Benyovszky? Find out May 29th at the Hungarian Cultural Center, where lecturer György G. Németh presents the latest in Benyovszky scholarship with a never-before-published volume of Benyovszky’s memoirs. The presentation includes a book launch, talk, and a 10-minute film about Benyovszky direct from Madagascar.

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Adventurer, explorer, colonizer, writer — Móricz Benyovszky’s life story is so fantastic it almost reads as fiction.

Tuesday, May 29th, 2007, 7:00pm Hungarian Cultural Center, 447 Broadway, 5th Floor, NYC Free Admission